Covid19 SuppliesDoing our part in helping keep the Healthcare Industry supplied.

We are partnered with legitimate sources for PPE medical supplies and Test Kits to help healthcare providers.

With SHORTAGES of masks, hand sanitizer, surgical masks, protective wear, etc. Typically receive products within 5-7 days. Contact us today!

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Fingerstick Test

Covid-19 Anti Body TestThese kits are sold in a box of specific quantities.

Contact us for current available kits and pricing.

For Physician Office, ER, Hospitals, Urgent Care, Mobile Units, Portable Testing Centers, Nursing Home, SNFs, First Responders, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Businesses, etc.



New Image Mover – Capture Test Results

Image Mover ImageMover is a cutting-edge app to securely capture photographic results & establish a record of the Rapid Antibody Test and immediately send a retrievable report where desired.


CLICK HERE for a short Image Mover demo
CLICK HERE to view a short Image Mover user testimonial

Contact use for more details.

A Revolutionary Alternative

First Defense Nasal Screens

First Defense Nasal Screens are a new revolutionary lightweight, non-inserted, non-intrusive, almost non-visible, hypoallergenic.

This self-adhesive screen covers the nasal passage and filters the air we breathe.

REDUCES UP TO 99% OF ALLERGENS and respiratory exposure to viruses, germs, flu’s, colds, bacteria, dust, pollen, pollutants, contaminants, second-hand smoke, and carcinogens. Consider as an alternative for N95 masks when used with a less intrusive surgical mask.

Our Nasal Screens are self-cleaning and will not clog.


Let us know what type of supplies are required and we will respond quickly to your request.

Contact us here with your list of items or call Stan at 773-664-6718:

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