Our Top Dental Savings Plans can

save you from 15% to 60%

Dental Discount Savings

For Individuals:

  • It is anticipated that tens of millions of Americans will be losing their employer-sponsored dental plans as the cost of healthcare continues to grow.
  • Americans will be retiring by the millions over the next 5-10 years and there is no Medicare equivalent to dental insurance for seniors.
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For Employers:

Give your team another reason to smile!   After Healthcare, Dental is the most desired employee benefit.

  • Employers are shifting the cost of dental to the employee. Compared to high-cost dental insurance, low-cost 1Dental plans are well suited for voluntary enrollment.
  • Our plans don’t have employee participation requirements or percentages unlike most insurance plans
  • Download our brochure HERE
  • We can setup a custom group proposal, containing pricing, plan options, and information on providers and rates in your area.
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