Fresh Air MobileIf you are a ride share, taxi or truck driver, don’t go without this new and revolutionary way to sanitize your vehicles interior.

The Fresh Air Mobile unit is a perfect take with purifier….great for anyone that drives a vehicle and ride share, taxi and truck drivers.

Our pocket-sized purifier provides clean, healthy air when you’re on the go; significantly reducing surface and airborne contaminants, odors and pollutants in the areas where you spend your time.



  • Disinfects surfaces and air, removes VOCs, smoke and odors
  • Reduces airborne contaminants and allergens
  • Removes odors and freshens air
  • Removes dirt and dust from the air
  • Creates healthy, pure indoor spaces


  • Touch sensitive settings to provide ease of operation and function
  • Multiple settings to customize and optimize the usage of the FreshAir Mobile for multiple environments
  • Uses a high intensity UVC light to oxidize and ionize the air
  • Base is designed with multiple mounting options
  • Comes with both a 12 volt DC car adapter and a 100 – 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC adapter with interchangeable plugs
After purchasing the Fresh Air Mobile, placing this sticker in your business window will let your customers know you are serious about protecting their health.

Certified for continuous cleaning

Your business requires a safe, effective, proven, and certified method that can solve much indoor air and surface contamination problems.

We’re all concerned about exposure to viruses, bacteria, VOCs, molds, and other pathogens found in the air and on surfaces.  Here is a simple solution!


Only $199

NOTE: This product does not meet California or Canada requirements and cannot be shipped to California or Canada.

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