Contractor Financing ProgramsOur financing program is geared for all types of home improvement contractors.

ANNOUNCING a New Program for up to $100,000 loan amounts.  Contact us HERE for more info.


Our current program provides you with Multiple Subprime Lenders on One platform with funding from $200 up to $15,000.   Help your home improvement customers get the work done they need now. 

Program Benefits 

  • Allows customers above a 550 credit score to finance up to $15,000.00 while sub-prime customers can be approved for up to $5000.00.
  • Credit challenged customers’ demand for home improvement work is just as high as your Prime customers. This platform offers the opportunity to work with a multi-tiered audience.
  • Customers above the 550 credit score have the opportunity to pay off early and save on fees.
  • There is No recourse to the merchant.
  • One low merchant Merchant Fee.
  • The “waterfall” method is used when applying, which means your customers do not have to submit more than one application.  Any lender can’t work with your customer, the application will waterfall down to the next appropriate lender for review.
  • Customers can apply anywhere on any device!  The application process is very flexible – which will help push both in-store, in-home, and online sales.
  • Application Process:  Customer Applies > Customer is Preapproved> Customer is Approved > Invoice Submitted > Contract & First Payment > Payment to Merchant & Authorization to release the products to the customer.
  • There is No minimum sales requirements for your business to keep our program.
  • Marketing/API/IT integration support offered and provided. You can check out an example of this @ http://www.dropzonesolutions.com/skydiving-gear-financing/
  • Our Finance platform will ask for the customer’s information upfront so we can finalize the application quickly.


Please complete the  Partner Application Form AND W9  Form below and include additional items:



Additional Documents:
  • Copy of ID in color Front & Back
  • Copy of Business License
  • Copy of a voided business check
  • Pictures of your Business inside & outside

Please send documents via email to:   sjs@sidewayenterprise.com or Fax to 773-453-3860

“Say hello to more profits” and we will be in touch to complete your onboarding process shortly.