Keep more of your profits . . .

Running a business is expensive these days.  There are many costs involved that I bet you would like to reduce.  Here are some we can help you with:

Reduce Business Energy BillEnergy Costs Savings

We help businesses save time and money on their utilities.

Our partner has decades of experience, purchasing power, full market coverage, and a reverse auction platform. Our customers get access to the lowest real-time energy prices available from our national supplier network (80+). EC offers a wide range of energy management and sustainable services for a one-stop shop for all your energy needs.

Your business energy costs are a major expense and we can help reduce them.  We do all the work an you get all the savings.

All that is  needed is a copy of a recent energy bill and the end date of any contract you are in. If you don’t know that exact date, we have a way to find that information. If you have any questions, please let me know as I would be happy to hop on a call with you to ease those worries.

Send copies here:  sjs (at) sidewayenterprise (dot) com


Healthcare Costs Benefit Program

This unique program helps businesses reduce their group healthcare premium costs while actually increasing your employee’s benefits. This can also save you up to five hundred dollars a year per employee on FICA taxes. But beyond the tax savings, premium savings, the best benefit to your company is being able to provide a superior benefits package for your employees which enhances both their healthcare and retirement benefits.

What if we could show you a program that…

  • Is Zero Net Cost to the Employer.
  • Is Zero Net Cost to the Employee.
  • Employers see an average savings of $500 per employee per year.
  • Provides a Medical Reimbursement Account that can reimburse your employees up to 75% of eligible out-of-pocket incurred medical costs!
  • Provides Significant Add-On Benefits to both you and your employees!
  • Allows for the elimination of unnecessary and expensive supplemental health coverage used to offset high out-of-pocket liabilities.
  • This Program is NOT insurance! There is no need to change your current health planer insurance carrier. It is an Add-On.
  • This unique plan is 100% in compliance with all codes, rules and regulations with multiple opinion letters.
  • There is nothing like this in the marketplace.

Let’s see if you qualify for this program by filling out a Questionnaire.  Contact form at bottom of page


Recoup write offsAre a lot of your Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid billings being underpaid or denied and written off?

Wonder if you could get paid on a substantial portion of those collections without adding additional work or staff…at no-risk to you…would you like to know how?

Here is a brief, rather technical overview:
Our strategic partner, Proficient Health, analyzes structured and unstructured data, preparing meaningful financial, mathematical and statistical inferences. From unstructured and structured data, Proficient Health performs automated claims modeling. Claims modeling mines millions of submission/remittance advices and re-submission files and finds patterns of rejections that are related to provider-level adjustments, claim-level adjustments, and service-level adjustments.

Proficient Health employs the latest claims modeling techniques and utilizes extensive industry experience to find predictable collections and potential rejections. Unlike any other claim analytics offerings in the market, Proficient Health gives deep insight into Case-mix index, DRG analysis and set benchmarks for the providers to look at their internal parameters. Upon defining and categorizing the recoverable AR, Proficient Health deploys their seasoned and experienced AR agents from their back office to provide resolutions and recovers the money from the third-party payers.

In simple terms, we can analyze your previous submissions and find where and why some claims were unpaid and will GET THEM PAID for you on a contingency basis. You only remit to us a portion of what we collect for you; there’s NO-RISK!

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY analysis to determine how much we can recover, and the payments are sent directly from the carriers to you. Proficient Health has been helping providers add to their bottom line for years! There’s no reason not to let us collect the claims you’re already writing off, it’s “found money”. We can go back a set number of months to collect on submissions so every day that goes by eliminates some recovery. Time is of the essence.

Schedule Your Complimentary Analysis Today!


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