Where others say NO . . . we say YES!

Medical Specialties We Service:

MedSpa, Dental, Plastic Surgery, Wellness Clinic, Dermatology, Urgent Care Centers, Podiatry, Stem Cell,
Orthodontic, Chiropractic, Medical Specialty (foot, eye, etc), Veterinarian

We don’t charge interest to patients and the fees are 50% less than Care Credit, is this something that might help you?

Our No Credit Check, patient payment option program works great for patients that may not have been approved by your primary provider, or want to customize a payment plan that fits their budget. The best news is, you don’t have to lose a procedure or a patient due to financing issues.

Key Benefits:

  1. 0% interest to patient
  2. No credit check
  3. Flexible payment terms
  4. Guarantee funds (no risk to practice)
  5. No embarrassing conversation
  6. Funding Up to $2500
  7. Terms: 6-24 months
  8. 3% fee (similar to a credit card)

Contact us for details . . .we have the plans to fit or enhance your medical practice.

Consumer Financing Info

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