Solutions that work!

We provide quality, innovative cutting edge solutions for businesses, groups and organizations to help increase sales and give them a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Our main goal is to see you increase profits by utilzing proven little known methods, that work! To help ensure you achieve your goals, we offer outstanding personal health and welfare benefits for you and your employees.

New Car Discount Program

Buy a new car at an 80% discount. with our unique ITEA system the car dealership would receive full MSRP of the car in U.S dollars; this will be a win win for the car dealerships and the car buyer.

Keep Your Business OPEN

With the current crisis, we're offering a FREE Online Ordering System for Take-out and Delivery Orders.

Fix Your Finances

Fix your finances. Learn exactly how money works and pay off a 30 yr mortgage plus all other loans in 1/2 to 1/3 the scheduled time.

Medical Practice Tools

Quality solutions for medical practices. From patient financing and payment options, to recovering more of your unpaid insurance billing and capital funding.

Consumer Finance Solutions

Offer financing to your customers will generate more sales. We have a program for every type of business including e-commerce.

Payment Solutions

Merchants are moving to CASH pricing models. Programs for all types of businesses including high risk such as MLM/Network Marketing Companies and others. Can be set up in more than 120 countries


Every business or group needs to market themselves to get their message heard. We offer powerful and yet affordable solutions that generate maximum results.

Expense Reducers

Little know ways to reduce operating expenses. One of a kind programs to benefit you and your employees. Recoup medical insurance billing write offs.

No More Chargebacks